Chickpea Soup from Sifnos (Revithada Sifnou)

Chickpea Soup from Sifnos (Revithada Sifnou) FOR 6 PEOPLE DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM PREP TIME: 3 HOURS 30 MINUTES NOT INCLUDING SOAKING TIME Ingredients: 450 g chickpeas 3 medium potatoes 3 onions 120 ml olive oil fresh dill or rosemary salt pepper Preparation: • Soak the...

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In some years of studying you have enough time to refine your spaghetti cooking. Starting with Miracoli (oh my God, how could I only) I have nevertheless tried and refined some variants. With my friend Frank from Frankfurt, I had some sort of competition for the best,...

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One day in Agia with Avra and Achilleas

Achilleas and Avra are inviting us into their home in Agia, Larisa Avra is a restless cook and creator of the yiam ( products and Achilleas continues his family's tradition working with stone and creating mosaics. They live in a beautiful home made of...

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Corinthian Currant

Black Corinthian currants are considered Greece’s «black gold» because during the first years of the newly found Greek nation in the 19th century, they were the main export product which helped sustain the Greek economy. In ancient times currants were offered to gods,...

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“Pasteli” a 6000-year-old recipe

“Pasteli” is a sesame seed candy, its origins dating back to ancient Greece. There are references to “pasteli” in Herodotus and even Homer. Its main ingredient, sesame, used to be one of the most important ingredients in the cuisine of many ancient civilisations. It...

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