In some years of studying you have enough time to refine your spaghetti cooking. Starting with Miracoli (oh my God, how could I only) I have nevertheless tried and refined some variants. With my friend Frank from Frankfurt, I had some sort of competition for the best, most minimalistic spaghetti sauce. But this is another story.

Now I have not experimented with spaghetti sauces for several years, so I start today with a classic. My Puttanesca is a variation of the official spaghetti canon , but since the official recipe was the origin, the name remains. During the preparation, I have always fascinated two aspects: on the one hand it consists of typical Mediterranean ingredients, so it could only be invented on the Mediterranean. On the other hand it consists only of these ingredients, so is (at least according to my recipe) without the usual Tomatensaucen Schnickschnack, like salt, pepper or even onions prepared. And the magic emerges, as is known from relevant Mafia films, with time. So simmer for at least 1.5 hours. Gladly longer and whoever can stand it for a long time: to make up somewhere, to leave it and only to eat the next day.


For the serving proposal (optional):

  • Parmesan
  • parsley
Peel the olives, crush garlic, remove anchovies from the salt or oil.
Heat the olive oil and gradually add all the ingredients except the tomatoes to the pot, fry slightly with constant stirring so that the anchovies and the garlic melt slightly with the rest (after 3-4 minutes). Then tomato and then continue to stir.
Simmer on low heat, stirring occasionally. As I said: At least 1 hour. Better 2 or more until everything becomes a thick liquid sauce.
How to cook noodles, I do not need to explain here