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Vegetable orzo (kritharaki) is in every Greek pantry, its an ideal quick and healthy meal.
Bright colors are a wonderful addition to any family meal and a special treat for your guests.
• Green from spinach.
• Red from red pepper.
• Pink from beetroot.
• Black from squid ink.

Net weight: 500g



Vegetable Orzo

Ingredients: mainly semolina from durum wheat.
With dehydrated vegetables (spinach 2%, beetroot 2% and red pepper 2%).

A feast of colours for variety-seeking pasta lovers!
Top-quality semolina flour from the heart of wheat is kneaded with vegetables.

Vegetable orzo

Green from spinach.
Red from red pepper.
Pink from beetroot.
Black from squid ink.

And for spice-devotees, linguini and penne made with hot peppers for unique high-toned, spicy dishes.
Therefore the pronounced grainy flavour of the cereal is balanced. The freshness of the vegetables, the kick of the hot pepper, the red pepper and the squid ink.
In addition slow natural drying completes the process ensuring a fine-quality pasta for serious gourmet aficionados.

In short, few words for Agrozimi.

We are based in the heart of the Macedonian land, in the region of alluring Pella the capital of Hellenistic Macedonia and, for the past 40 years, we have been providing high quality food products at the best possible prices.
Above all, recapturing forgotten flavours, experimenting with new ingredients and taking great pride in the trust you place in us.
As a result we feature over 50 product codes and original Mediterranean recipes on the shelf.
Furthermore we travel to the four corners of the world to reach those of you wishing to turn the simplest meal into a feast of flavours.

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Weight500 g

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