Vanilla Beans Of Feneos 500g – Dikotylon

Cooked in stews, vegetarian burgers or bean fritters and many many more, the best alternative choice to meat. The produce comes from local small-scale farmers, all of whom are land and product registered. Who have developed their skills of cultivation from generation to generation.
So ensuring the unique strains of the seeds used to provide the ultimate in terms of both quality and taste.



Vanilla Beans Of Feneos

Is a high mountain valley nestled between the 2,400m peaks of Helmos and Zyria in the north Peloponnese.
Where the rich and fertile land adds its own flavor to the environmentally produced products. The land blessed by the gods through Artemis and Hercules.

Produced in the mountain valley of Feneos in the north Peloponnese.
"Beans Vanilies Feneos" is a small, oval shaped, white, thin-skinned bean, with 1000 seeds weighing between 270 and 280g.
Its sweet taste, ability to boil easily, and the fact that after boiling the seeds and the soft flesh are still intact without being separated from the peel.
It makes them particularly appealing.
They have no preservatives and no pesticides.

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Weight600 g

Category Pasta & Legumes