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Thin and crispy Wholemeal rye crispbreads with Dinkel

Wholemeal THINS are thin and crunchy 100% wholemeal Crispbreads, made from wholemeal rye flour and also contain flour and dinkel flakes (spelled), a fine cereal, which gives a special taste and nutritional value to the product. Wholemeal THINS have 34 kcal per serving. In addition, they have 16% fiber, low saturated fat, and low sugar content. They go equally well with both sweet and savory ingredients, creating healthy and delicious snacks for all hours.



Thins Wholegrain 250g


Wholegrain rye flour 81%, spelt wheat flakes 7%, wholegrain spelt wheat flour 6%, salt.

The product may contain milk & sesame seeds.

The product contains naturally occurring sugars.

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Category Greek Treats