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Sun Dried Tomato Spread

80% Sun dried tomatoes
No preservatives
With greek extra virgin olive oil

Sun dried tomato spread tomatoes is made from tomatoes that are kissed and blessed by the sun … a spread that captivates the whole glow of the heated ball in the sky. A rich, sun-dried tomato flavor that you can enjoy with almost anything – even mixed with scrambled eggs!


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Sun dried Tomato Spread - Service Suggestion

Suitable for appetizers, crepes, sandwiches, spaghetti, sauces, pizza, salads sausages and cheese or simply as a dip.
Perfect dip for vegetables, crackers or slice of bread, etc...
Mix it with other red sauces for pasta, rice, roast meat, etc...

Nutrition FactsPer 100gr
Energy231 Kcal (966 KJ)
of which saturates3g
of which sugars9g
Dietary Fiber3g

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Weight400 g

Category Sauces & Dressings