Smoked Tuna Piquant (2x160g) – Trata

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Tuna is smoked in a real wood fire oven using natural wood of beech tree in one of a kind production unit. Low temperatures and thorough testing takes place during the smoking process in order to ensure balance of flavor. The natural aromas of tuna and the addition of carefully selected vegetable oil and chill pepper create a new & unique recipe for the tuna lovers.


For tuna and tuna salad TRATA, we use tuna fished around the area of Equator from selected suppliers that meet the strict quality requirements based on the evaluation-inspections of our company.
Tuna is a non-fatty fish and an excellent source of proteins that help maintain the bones healthy as well as building up and maintaining muscle mass. In addition, it contains Vitamin B12 which is important for the nervous system.

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