Premium Butter Pistachio – Food Gallery 200gr


Pistachios are characterized as superfoods. It is one of the few foods that give us a plethora of nutrients in a small amount (25gr).
As they give us 10% of our daily needs in vitamins and trace elements.
Such as vitamin B6, thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, monounsaturated fatty acids, minerals and beneficial antioxidant ingredients.

They contain more plant sterols than any other dried fruit. Plant sterols help reduce cholesterol, protecting our heart from developing cardiovascular disease.
They contain manganese and magnesium, essential for the proper functioning of our metabolism, and are especially beneficial to people with intense daily activity, such as athletes, workers, students, etc.

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Premium Butter Pistachio

Pure 100% pistachio butter from Aegina perfect for breakfast, ice cream and fruits (pistachio + banana is a winning combination!).

Net weight: 200g

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