Philosophy of Elea οrganic extra virgin olive oil (750ml)

Extra virgin olive oil, produced from olives and only by mechanical methods.
A product of high nutritional value that forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet, from oars of varietal coronet.
Its rich in polyphenols and vitamin E make our oil an invaluable product. Flavored with a slightly spicy flavor.

Net weight 750ml



Organic extra virgin olive oil (750ml) - philosophy of Elea

The company "Philosophy of Elea" was founded in 1950, starting from a small store in the center of the city of Chania, which covered the needs of selling olive oil for the olive oil producers of Chania.

In the next 60 years that followed, guided and consulted by many years of experience and respect for the product and the producer, it managed to develop, create and expand its company, distributing up to 5,000 tons of olive oil per year, which is sold for standardization in Greece and the rest of Europe, but can also be bottled on its premises.

Philosophy of Elea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an Oil produced with Love!

Love for the Olive Tree, Love for the land, Love for the Olive Oil itself.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a farming product which is cultivated using only natural organic supplies and traditional methods. Tradition meets science, producing an exceptionally healthy and traditional product.

Organic olives are those that have been documented by an accredited organic certifying agency to be grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. This means that to be organic, the olives can’t use any chemicals or pesticides to help them grow.

Organic farming results in a product that is healthy and delicious!

Calories 896kcal / 370kj
Proteins 0gr.
Carbohydrates 0gr.
Total fat 100gr.

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