Philoktitis Rose (750mL) – Dry Wine


From selected vineyards of the Domokos plateau, the varieties Grenache Rouge and Syrah offer us a silky wine with a special rosy color with a complex aroma that consists of black-berries, honey and strawberries. Enjoy it at 10-12°C.

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Vineyard: Private Vineyard of 220 hectares at the Gerakli Slopes in 400m altitude with 8% inclination and northwest orientation.
Environmental conditions: A very important climatic feature of the area is the beneficial rainfalls during the winter and the spring, while the warm summer with the dry and cool nights result in temperature variations up to 15°C. As a result the plants work feverishly, the sap circulates through the plant ensuring that way the rich fragrance, the phenolic maturity and the intense flavor of the wine.
Vinification process: Destemming, pro- fermentation infusion at the 10-12°C (for about 48-72 hours),exsanguination. Follows the alcoholic fermentation at controlled conditions in anoxidizable, refrigerated tanks (17-19°C).
Features: Pink rose color with violet glints. Compound aroma with notes of small red fruits (cherry, blackberry, strawberry)and a sweet fragrance of butter candy. Rich and oily finish, with rectilinear acidity that add length. Crispy tannins with soft and fruity aftertaste.

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