Ouzo Katsaros-(200ml)

Crystal clear color. The distilled anise dominates the nose and palate at first. The mouthfeel is robust, yet offers a very elegant, rather creamy coating sensation and a lovely warmth due to the alcohol levels.


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Ouzo Katsaros-(200ml)

Ouzo Katsaros, with its historic recipe, comes from the careful distillation of alcohol, enriched with the crystal waters from the foothills of Mount Olympus. It is a 100% distillation product: the process is completed by adding water until the spirit reaches the desired alcohol content. Its most prominent secret, though, can be found in its unique “marriage” of 14 aromatic seeds and herbs from the region, which offer flavor, a delicate aroma, and a rich, natural charming taste. A famous ouzo that has rightfully earned a series of awards worldwide.

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