Ouzo Dimino 700mL Gift Box

Gift Box including:

Ouzo Dimino 700ml, 40%vol and two traditional ouzo glass

Ouzo Dimino is a two-month aged product from 100% distillate, without added sugar. It is described as gentle and rounded, with a full and long lasting flavour, with an intense presence of anise and crystal clarity that leaves an unremitting sensation on the palate.


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Ouzo Dimino 700mL

The simple bottle design alludes to the simplicity of the Greek “national drink”. The green background of the label symbolises the aromatic plants of the Lesbian land, distilled for its production, while the illustration of the traditional copper still complements the identity of the traditional production process.


40% vol


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Weight1000 g
Dimensions33 × 22 × 11 cm

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