Organic orange biscuits – Adamantina (380g)

Handmade organic orange cookies with extra virgin olive oil and fresh orange juice (380g).
Adamantina traditional products from Laconia.



Organic orange cookies

Ikos Adamantina (‘Adamantina House’) has been active since 2007 in the field of traditional and organic food products, such as pasta, organic orange cookies, and paximadi.
Our facilities are located in a state-of-the-art factory in Glykovrisi, Lakonia prefecture.
We are two families who grew up watching our grandmothers’ wise use of the high-quality raw materials produced on the plain of Lakonia (virgin olive oil, fresh orange juice, fresh sheep’s milk, and fresh eggs). When these raw materials were in short supply, they prepared exclusively organic food, pasta, and koulourakia, in advance, storing them for future use.
Wanting to revive our childhood memories, we joined the names of both grandmothers, Adamantia and Ntina, and created the House of Adamantina. Our purpose was to share with people who visit our workshop the wisdom and flavors they produced.

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Weight450 g


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