Organic flower & forest honey 420g (14.81oz) – Green Village

It is the most “sweet” honey of Greek nature with a soft taste and a light color. Flower honey is collected from the nectar of flowers and herbs in the mountains of the Peloponnese.



Organic flower and forest honey 420g - Green Village

Organic flower and forest honey is collected by transporting our bees to various parts of Greece, with native vegetation away from conventional crops, where bees collect the nectar of thousands of different flowers and honeydew of various coniferous trees, such as , linden, epilobo, raspberry, heather, ivy and many more with biological, nutrients, which act effectively in the human body. Its color is bright and its aromas emerge with the opening of each jar of this exquisite honey. Its taste is full and sweet. Each spoon is a set of nutrients and ingredients for a complete diet.

Flower honey is more sweet and gentle than other honey. The flower grows relatively quickly since its natural glucose content is high. Crystallization is a natural phenomenon that does not cause any change in the nutritional and biological quality of honey.

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