Organic fir honey (Vanilla) 420g (14.81oz) – Green Village

The vanilla honey is not collected from the flowers but from a honeydew (resin) produced by some microorganisms in the trunk of the black Fir. Mild sweet taste due to low natural sugars with caramel notes. Mild fir aroma.



The Organic Fir Honey is collected from the bees in the fertile fir forest of Mainalo, at 2000m altitude. There the nature grows and the bee chooses and creates the exquisite honey vanilla fir with the golden color and the pearl highlights, in combination with a variety of herbs. This honey is unique in the whole world. As it is low in sugar, its taste is sub-sweet. Its nutritional and biological value is very high as it is honey rich in trace elements. It also has antiseptic, diuretic and antianemic effects. It is the first honey to be recognized in Protected Designations of Origin and does not crystallize.

Certified organic product.

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Weight700 g


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