Olive Bakes – 4 flavors pack

Olive Bakes in four delicious flavors.

Oregano flavor 80g
Paprika flavor 80g
Olive pieces & turmeric flavor 80g
Smoky bacon flavor 80g

No preservatives
With olive oil
100% Natural product



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Olive Bakes four flavors pack

Tradition meets evolution – inspiration

We present you a new healthy snack made from round sesame bread of Thessaloniki!
A traditional recipe with extraordinary taste, made with love!

The traditional round sesame bread of Thessaloniki has always been the most favored snack for everybody in Greece.
With this thought in mind, we decided to combine it with olive oil and Greek herbs like oregano, paprika, turmeric and with olives, smoked bacon and tomatoes.

We are a third bakers’ generation. Basically, we grew up with the traditional round sesame bread of Thessaloniki.
We have great childhood memories of when grandmother «Evdokia» was transforming it into small crispy, outstanding pieces of art, with oil and salt! Great in soups and salads! We took them a step further; we upgraded them and put our own twist on them!

Our ingredients are pure, traditional and healthy. Olive bakes recipe has the secret of grandmother Evdokia! The passion and love we have for our products make them unique and unrivalled!

We want to bring Olive Bakes to your doorstep!
We want everyone to know about them! And we want them to continue being loved, by those who loved them from the very beginning and trusted us, by showing their complete support and love!
We are going to make Olive Bakes the most beautiful, tasty trip, all over the world!

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Weight240 g

1 piece, 4 pieces


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