Oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate 200g – Violanta

Start your day with oatmeal cookies in a variety of flavors: with honey, with coconut, with cranberries, with flaxseed or pieces of chocolate. Oatmeal cookies combine the rich taste and beneficial properties of oats, a cereal known since antiquity for its unique nutritional value. It is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet and a source of fiber for the body.



Oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate 200g - Violanta

Weight / Piece: 200 g
Pieces / Box: 12
Ingredients: OAT 40% (OAT FLOUR 27%, OAT flakes 10%, OAT bran 3%), wheat flour, vegetable fats and oils (oil palm, sunflower, water, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, 9% fatty acids, salt , brown sugar, sugar, honey, maltodextrin, inulin, bakery pastes (baking soda, ammonia bicarbonate), salt, flavoring. MAY CONTAIN TRACE OF MILK, EGGS, SOYBEARD SESAME, PEPPER PEARL AND OTHER NUTS.

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Weight 200 g

Category Greek Treats