Mountain Tea – Thetida

Mountain Tea

Is a product of Organic Farming and it’s hand picked from Thetidio – Farsala

Divine flavor of Thetis and Achilles’ land

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The mountains of Greece smell of the rich scent of herbs. A good that needs to be protected and shared with you. That is why Thetida's family, with respect for the land and man, have turned to organic herb farming, fulfilling at the same time a childhood dream.
She is a family-run farm business in the village of, Thetidio, Farsala, land of the goddess Thetis and Achilles. It is a hilly village whose inhabitants are dedicated to agriculture and livestock breeding.

Certified organic mountain tea (Sideritis), in bunch 50gr.

a) anticonvulsant,
b) analgesic,
c) healing,
d) antioxidant,
e) it is diuretic and detoxifying.

Mountain tea has beneficial effects on:

1) it acts as a protective against Alzheimer's disease,
2) inflammation of the upper respiratory tract,
3) strengthens the immune system,
4) helps fight colds, nasal congestion,
5) improves cardiovascular function and
6) it's antioxidant properties help prevent cancer

- The way we make mountain tea is very essential, as it does not have to be boiled to a high degree because its ingredients will be destroyed.
- The right way is to boil the water first and before it starts to boil, remove it from the heat. Add the mountain tea, leave for 3-4 minutes and then strain.
- Alternatively we can boil the tea with water but still remove it from the heat before it even swells.

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