Malagouzia Matsa – Organic Dry White Wine

Clear white-yellow color, with an aromatic character that affects you with its intensity and complexity. With dominant aromas of flowers and fruit, such as melon, peach, orange, pineapple and grapefruit. Splendid balanced taste, with a long-lasting aftertaste.



Malagouzia Matsa - Organic Dry White Wine

The Malagouzia variety originated from the region of Nafpaktia. It was planted at the Matsa vineyard during its replanting in the late 80s while it was one of the varieties that acclimatized perfectly with the ecosystem of the estate. The result is an organic wine overflowing with an intense aromatic bouquet to such an extent that made it truly unique.


White, Dry

Grape Varieties:



Selection of Malagouzia grapes from Matsa Estate in Attica. Evaluation of analytical and berry sensory data to assess the right time to harvest. Specific harvest plan for each plot. Careful hand picking in the vineyard. Cooling of incoming grapes at 10oC followed by hand sorting in the winery. White wine vinification scheme with 8-10 hours of skin contact. Temperature controlled alcoholic fermentation at 14-18 °C. Maturation on the fine lees for 6 months, gentle filtering and bottling.

Ageing Potential:

2-5 years.


At 10-12ºC

Food pairings:

Seafood and fish dishes like pasta with lobster or sea bream cooked over charcoal, pies (vegetable pie and leek pie), poultry dishes like lemon chicken with potatoes, or lamb fricassee with artichokes, pasta with creamy sauces and fruit dishes. Yellow cheeses like Parmesan.

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Weight1800 g

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