Limniona Filia Land (750mL) – Dry Red Wine

Attractive shiny purple with violet hues in the glass.
Beautiful, enjoyable nose with intense aromas of violet and carnation. Then comes the turn of cherry, sour cherry, mature red raspberry and plum. The bouquet is completed by unique spicy notes of cinnamon and clove. Elegant on the palate, with medium-volume body, gentle acidity and soft tannins. Here fruits have the leading role with mature cherry and strawberry standing out. The second sip brings the barrel in the spotlight with vanilla, wood, cinnamon and allspice while an impressive herbal sense of black tea remains in the long-lasting aftertaste.



Limniona Filia Land (750mL)

The philosophy of Filias Land is to produce and promote especially the Thessalian and Greek varieties and offer flavor with high quality wines to the Greek and international market. With passion, knowledge, evolution and respect for the consumer, Filia Land visions to continue to evolve and therefore, offer quality wines of unique features which highlight the special characteristics of the soil and the climate of the area, in the forthcoming years.

The Domaine Filia Gi is at the foot of Agrafa, in the village of Filia Karditsa. In the region called Vines for rather obvious reasons, the cultivation and promotion of Limniona is the main bet of the innovative, beautiful and energy autonomous winery.
With so many charismas and an amazing value for money, it is really impossible to resist. We challenge you to try it. We are sure it will definitely surprise you and you will probably worship it like we did. Maybe even more ...


Dry, Red Wine

Grape Varieties:

100% Limniona


16-18 °C

Food pairings:

Pair with spaghetti bolognese, meatballs, meat pie or yellow middle-aged cheeses.

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Weight1800 g

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