Hippophaes with Louisa (10g) – Pelland

The products of our cooperative are the result of organic farming without pesticides that burden the environment. They are cultivated and collected with love and care by the producers’ families themselves, reaching your hands purely and without treatment.
The Aloysia leaves are also collected by the members of our Cooperative and are dried by natural methods.




  1. Is mainly used as a light sedative and tonic for the nervous system, as well as for the treatment of stomach upsets.
  2. The exquisite aroma of Louisa due to the many essential oils that the plant contains, is thought to have relaxing action in both the body and the spirit. According to some reports it can be used as a light sedative (anti-stress) as well as for the treatment of insomnia.
  3. Traditionally, Louisa has been used to treat stomach upsets such as heartburn, bad digestion, colic, and diarrhea, as it is thought to have anticonvulsant activity.
  4. It has been used to treat cold, while in recent years it has been used in dietary herbal products (it is a mild diuretic).
  5. Has a wonderful taste and gives the body euphoria and the required relaxation.

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Weight30 g


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