Heather Honey – Katsadonis (500g)

Heather Honey is reddish. The smell and taste are characteristic. Due to the high content of pollen it crystallizes very quickly.

It has a very high biological and nutritional value. Due to its proteins, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins.
It also has antiseptic and diuretic properties.

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Katsantonis beekeeping is a family business, based in Geraki (Amaliada), Ilia. There, they maintain their standard beekeeping unit.
This honey is collected from the mountainous Ilia (Artificial Lake of Pinios) and from the area of ​​Galaxidi, in the month of August.

Heather Honey

The oddest characteristic of “true” heather honey is that it’s thixotropic, a fancy word that means it has a jelly-like consistency in the jar or bottle. If you tip the jar on its side, it won’t ooze toward the top, it will remain firmly in place.

The purer the heather honey, the longer it will stay “glued” to the jar before softening and beginning to flow. In order to properly pour it you have to stir it first, and it will quickly become gelatinous again after that. You can also tell high-quality heather honey by its dark amber color which tends toward red or orange, and the large number of air bubbles trapped inside.

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