Greek coffee with a boiling pot briki 250g (8.81oz) – Nektar

Fresh-roasted Greek Coffee selected from the world’s finest varieties. We have combined it with handmade coffee pots

Greek Packaging: 200g

Export Packaging: 250g



Greek coffe with a boiling pot "briki" 250g - Nektar

Fresh-roasted Greek Coffee selected from the world's finest varieties. Sealed in protective atmosphere, right out of the roaster, guarantees the perfect preservation of the taste and the unique aroma of our blend.

Preparing Tips:
1) For each cup desired, measure one demitasse cup of cold water into a briki.
2) Pour one teaspoonful of Greek coffee and sugar to taste. Stir well.
3) Slowly bring it all to a boil over medium heat.
4) The coffee is ready when the froth has risen right up to the brim.
5) Pour the coffee slowly into the cups, dividing the foam equally between each cup.

Ingredients Greek Coffee

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Weight400 g


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