Fresh tomato juice – Mala Peruviana (500 ml)

Tomato juice Mala Peruviana

Natural red tomato juice with mild acidity and strong aroma of summer fruit.
It is used in cooking, in the preparation of cocktails, as an energy drink in sport and of course as a refreshing juice.

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Fresh tomato juice - Mala Peruviana

"Mala Peruviana, Naked Tomato" is a juice that comes from grated fresh tomatoes, which are selectively hand-collected from outdoor cultivation at the right time of the season. To preserve it throughout the year, a tiny amount of sea salt is added & the fresh juice is bottled and immediately pasteurized.

Another name is "Bad Peruvian", due to historic evidence that animals were poisoned by eating the leaves of the tomato plant, containing atropine when it first arrived in Europe. When the people tasted the fruit though, they discovered its great flavor and nutritional value, constituting it an important part of their diet.
Also named "Naked Tomato", because the fruit juice is cleaned by its skin and seeds before bottled. Approximately it has been calculated that each bottle of 500ml contains 10 tomatoes.

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