Evampelos Ghi Assyrtiko 750mL

Multidimensional wine with strong fruity and sweet aromatic characters. It’s mineral finish adds to its unique finesse. Crispy acidity, ripe finish, harmonic aftertaste and potential of ageing in bottle for three years.



Evampelos Ghi Assyrtiko - 750mL

Τhe name of Evampelos Ghi line has it’s roots back in the days before phylloxera when the winemakers of Domokos area used the same soils we use now as vineyards.
In particular the words evampelos ghi are translated as the prosperous vineyard.

Four Friends, restless scientists and creative professionals, bonded not only by the place they grew up but by their vision and love for the good wine, they combined their skills and their goals in order to create a collection of great wines that will promote their region and their love for wines. So in 2000 the Evampelos Ghi Estate was founded. The Estate’s name was not selected randomly, in Greek means the prosperous vineyard and it was used as tribute to the exceptional microclimate of the Gerakli plateau where the vineyard is situated.

The label’s of this line use the same logo with the Estate, a minimally stylised daisy.


White, Dry


Private Vineyard of 220 hectares at the Gerakli Slopes in 400m altitude with 8% inclination and northwest orientation. The soil composition is sandy-clay, rich in organic substances with a significant percentage of gravels that results in a very good drainage.


Pre-fermentation infusion (Skin contact) at the 10-12 °C (for about 6 hours), very low pressure of the must (juice, skins and seeds) at the press, juice refrigeration (12-15°C) for about 12 hours and mud extraction from the must. Follows the alcoholic fermentation at controlled conditions, refrigerated tanks. A very important climatic feature of the area is the beneficial rainfalls during the winter and the spring, while the warm summer with the dry and cool nights result in temperature variations up to 15°C. As a result the plants work feverishly, the sap circulates through the plant ensuring that way the rich fragrance, the phenolic maturity and the intense flavour of the Assyrtiko wine.


3 to 6 months in French and American oak barrels.

Grape Varieties:

100% Assyrtiko

Food pairing:

Pair it with anything you’d squeeze a lemon on.

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