Earth Dreat – Mala Peruviana (200mL)

Earth Dreat
Slightly concentrated  tomato juice with natural flavoring!


Red tomato, beetroot, black carrot, herbs and salt.

Net weight: 200 mL


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A new category that redefines how we’ve viewed fruit and vegetables for so long. The harmonious combination of two worlds, drink & eat. The dreats of Mala Peruviana come in three flavors, with natural tomato juice as the main ingredient, and are a natural source of energy and a tasty option at any time of the day.

Whenever you don’t want to have coffee nor an alcoholic drink at a bar, then Mala Peruviana is the best answer. It’s a delicious boost during a lunch break, plus it’s low- calorie (34 kCal/100ml). It’s the perfect option after intense physical exercise, which will help you feel better and more energetic.

In a market where drinkable tomato is almost exclusively used to make Bloody Mary (tomato-based cocktail) or at best to make Gazpacho, dreats are here to redefine non-alcoholic drinks.

Earth Dreat - Mala Peruviana (200mL)

Various taste and intensity levels, an ideal balance between umami and sweetness, leaving a smooth herbal aftertaste in your mouth. Earth is special in its own right.
An innovative recipe which offers a smooth texture, a silky sensation on your palate, earthy aromas and a pleasant sensation in your throat.
Each flavor highlights each one of the unique characteristics of mala peruviana. Our aim is to help you see the tomato in a different light at last.

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