Dyo Elies Dry Red Wine 750mL – Ktima Kir-Yianni

Deep ruby in color, on the nose the wine shows a pungent character composed of peppers, caramel and chocolate notes emerging over a background of ripe red fruits and smoke. The palate is full, showing volume, a rich structure and a lip smacking freshness that creates a lingering, spicy finish.



Dyo Elies Dry Red Wine


Red, Dry

Grape Varieties:

Syrah 70%, Merlot 30%


The winemaking objective for Dyo Elies is to highlight the characteristics of each variety and then create a unique wine through their blending. Merlot offers the full body, Syrah adds the spice with a velvety aftertaste. Harvest dates are different for each variety starting from the end of August for Merlot, to the mid and end of September for Syrah. Grapes are hand-picked and manually selected on a sorting table prior to crush. For each variety, during the first week after crush, the must is cold soaked at 11-12οC in a reduc- tive environment. Temperatures gradually rise for the fermentation to take place at 29-30οC for Merlot, which also undergoes a post-fermentation maceration for a few days. In contrast, the temperature for Syrah is maintained at 22-24οC throughout the fermentation and as soon as it is over the malolactic fermentation is initiated in new oak.


12-15 years

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