Chateau white dry wine 750mL – Nico Lazaridi

Pale lemon color. A blend which combines the aromatic richness and structure of the Sauvignon Blanc (tropical aromas of melon, mango and stone fruit, ripe peach) with the crispy acidity of the Ugni Blanc and the floral notes from the Muscat of Alexandria (eldenflower).



Chateau white dry wine

Protected Geographical Indication Drama


White, Dry

Grape Varieties:

Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Ugni Blanc


Classic white wine vinification at low temperature 12-16ο C. It ferments in stainless steel tanks and it follows short maturation with the fine lees.


At 8-12°C

Food pairings:

An excellent match for cooked dishes with vegetables, pasta with basil sauce and salads with goat cheese.

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Weight1800 g

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