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Carrot spread

Soft and creamy, mixed with several vegetables, mainly used as a dip, in sandwiches, salads, pastas, etc.

With Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, carrot, leek, vegetable oil, lemon, salt, spices.

Net weight: 200g

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The journey of Amvrosia Gourmet to the magical world of Mediterranean flavors began in 1994. Since then, the company successfully brought millions of consumers around the world in contact with the precious Mediterranean Diet.
Our product range completes an authentic Mediterranean experience. Fresh Aromatic Herbs, Mediterranean Pates and products such as capers and sundried tomato are being selected by major hotel chains and Delicatessen stores, cruise ships, meat processing and finger food production industries and by large supply networks.
As a base for all of products we exclusively use Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Additional information

Weight 400 g

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