Amethystos Rose Wine (750mL) – C. Lazaridi



A semi-precious stone, which according to legend protects whoever holds it from drunkenness lends its name to the Estates most popular wine family. Created for the first time in 1992, hasn’t stopped gaining new friends since.



The Oenogist and wine writer Argyris Tsakiris dubs the Amethystos as “the parent of the rich rosé wine category” and not unjustly. Since 1992, when it was first introduced, it created many imitators  and countless friends.

Tasting notes: Crystal bright, deep rosy color. Expressive aromatic presence in tones of redcurrant and strawberry candy. Lively at first contact, it then reveals a model combination of richness and acidity, completed by the long fruity finish.

Food pairing: Ideal match for many staples of Greek cuisine like stuffed vegetables, ”ladera” (vegetables cooked in an olive oil-based sauce), seafood and fish in tomato sauce, but also, a valued ally to face the spicy challenges of Indian or Thai cuisine.

Ageing: 3 – 4 years from harvest.

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