Almonds’ Halva (400g) – Olympos

It is made of tahini (sesame paste) and white caramel (fondant), often with the addition of dried fruits, nuts or honey.
It has always been a popular lent sweetmeat due to its purely plant ingredients and the high nutritional value. It is also an ideal everyday dessert for serving after a lunch or dinner, or with coffee. “Olympos” halva is very tasteful, nutritious, rich in proteins and calcium that make it a perfect, natural treat for all ages.



Olympos Halvas offers you a delicious and authentic Greek dessert, based on the same traditional recipe that the Papayiannis family has been using since 1949. A tasteful experience of high traditional value due to antioxidant properties of sesame. Make it your everyday habit.

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Weight400 g

Category Greek Treats