Red hot pepper penne, 500g

Durum wheat semolina, ground red pepper 2%, chili powder 2%.

Package: In bags of 0.5kg.


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A zesty revolution. According to the history of gastronomy, this popular cylinder shaped pasta was named after the writing pens that emerged in the mid-19th century revolutionizing writing. Today, Agrozimi brings a hot culinary revolution mixing a premium semolina durum wheat flour with hot red pepper to produce a penne pasta that combines the delightful sweetness of a premium grain with the spicy zest of hot red pepper. Hot red pepper penne works well in cheese soufflés, mac and cheeses, or any casserole dish calling for a robust pasta to ensure a chewy but fluffy texture. Put together indulgent pasta salads or top with a light sauce to make the most of its balanced flavors.
Boiling time: 10 minutes

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Weight500 g

Category Pasta & Legumes