Agiorgitiko Boutari (750mL) – Dry Red Wine


Agiorgitiko Boutari is produced from vineyards in the heart of the PDO Nemea in the Peloponnese peninsula.
A deep red colored wine, with aromas of red fruits mainly cherries and gooseberry, black pepper and other spices.
It is served at 14-16°C accompanying beautifully dishes of red meat with sweet sauces, sausages and soft cheeses.



A fruit driven, internationally oriented wine originating from Nemea, Greece’s largest PDO Zone.

Vinification takes places in low fermentation temperatures (20-25 °C) with brief extraction to produce a light and aromatic Agiorgitiko that is best enjoyed fresh.

Characteristics: Intense red color with a rich aromatic character of fresh black cherries, sour cherry and plum, accompanied by a pleasant botanical note. Rich body, balance and light aftertaste.

Serving Temperature: 12-14 °C.

Food Pairing: Red meats with sweet vegetables and sweet sauces like rooster with noodles, wild boar and moussaka with sausage and cheese. Cured meats, hamburgers, pizza and hard, fatty cheeses like Edam and Cheddar. Served cold, as an aperitif in the summer.

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