Aged Tsipouro Katsaros 0.7lt

For three years it rested and balanced its character.
Took keen amber color and now it carries the aromas of chocolate and white flowers.
It tastes like crispy plums, almonds and fresh vanilla aftertaste. It is full of intensity and passion
the moment you open an oak barrel that holds inside all your labors.



Aged Tsipouro Katsaros

A sweet conspiracy of nature gives to this place what tsipouro needs. Only local, fragrant “Muscat Tyrnavos” grapes will take the road for our distillery. So that’s our secret of our raki. It is the magical bond that unites the vineyards and our essences in place and keeps KATSAROS family, here in Tirnavos, two centuries.

Aged Tsipouro from Tirnavos in a very impressive bottle and an equally impressive content.


40% alc.

Additional information

Weight1000 g
Dimensions11 × 22 × 33 cm


Category Wines & Distillates