With the utmost respect to gastronomy and tradition, to the earth and its fruits, to the food and its recipients, Lagadas Farm makes pickled vegetables.

In 2010, founder Nikos Kamariotis and his son Angelos decided to start a gastronomic journey, with an emphasis on tradition, to redefine pickled vegetables. Through innovative and tasty suggestions their goal remains to bring pickled vegetables back into our everyday lives, for a casual table setting but with a gourmet twist to Greek food products.

For the past three years, the family business has ventured into making antipasti as well as bread and butter chips.

Interview with Angelos Kamariotis from Lagadas Farm

Tell us about your ingredients. Where do they come from, and how do you ensure you get the best quality from your suppliers?

We are lucky enough to grow our own vegetables on our farm. The Farms’ 10,000 sq. meters lay in the fertile valley of Lagadas, on the outskirts of Thessaloniki. Here, our vegetables are cultivated with care, dedication and respect to the earth.
In our modern production unit, the excellent raw materials in combination with the traditional recipes that our ancestors brought with them from Asia Minor, offer the pure and delicious Lagadas Farm food experience.

What potential do you think Greek products have in the international market?

We believe that all Greek food products have their special place. Our products are very much part of the Mediterranean diet, and so customers are continuously seeking to find that special something. As far as our newer product, bread and butter chips is concerned, it’s an international flavor that is made here, and is of excellent quality!


Innovating pickled vegetables… 


What makes LagadasFarm so special, and which of your products is your favorite?

Lagadas Farm was born from a wish to provide people with traditional Greek flavors. Many of the recipes that we have are traditional recipes that our grandparents used to make. So, we think that it’s important to bring these flavors back with a modern twist. Our favorite Greek food product of all is bread and butter chips. It has this unique flavor and crispiness to it, that makes you just want to keep on eating it! It goes well with everything, from burgers to sandwiches to just have a drink with friends!

Why did you want LagadasFarm products in the the MonthlyFlavors box, and what message would you send to your new consumers both in Greece and internationally?

We feel that these products are unique and special to Greeks. Whoever lives abroad and tastes them again, childhood memories will come flooding back. Whoever tastes them for the first time will get a taste of Greece with every bite. It’s important to us for people to have the LagadasFarm experience and Monthly Flavors achieves that every month with a new box!

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