Herbal tea – Cretan Malotira

by | Jun 27, 2016

Malotira is also known in Crete as mountain tea, even though it has no relation to tea itself. It is made of the leaves and flowers of the plant Sideritis (also known as ironwort). The name in Greek also means iron and in ancient Greece it was used as a cure for traumas from iron objects. Young soldiers used to drink it before battles, to increase their strength. The word malotira means to extract a bad thing, which shows how well known this plant has been for its valuable properties.
While regular black tea is rich in polyphenols, that tannic profile lends a smoky, more pungent and bitter profile to its flavor. Malotira tea on the other hand is different: the lower ratio of tannins, the lack of caffeine and the iris-like ingredients make for a light, ethereal and innocent woody aroma that will remind you of the wild Greek hillsides. The infusion gains a honey-golden shade with a tinge of green. A drop of honey, especially Greek thyme honey, rich in herbal aromatic facets itself, enhances the flavor and heightens the experience.

Serving suggestions: A stick of cinnamon or a slice of lemon are also good accompaniments in that cup of Malotira you’re brewing. Serve at breakfast or before retiring at night, with Kalamata (black) olives and other delicious products you will find in our monthly subscription box. Greek grandmother’s rule of thumb: At least one cup a day! Here’s to your health!


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