Greek traditional food products
Ελληνικά παραδοσιακά προϊόντα
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Ελληνικά παραδοσιακά προϊόντα

MonthlyFlavors: Greek traditional food products at your door

Katerina Nanopoulou, HuffPost Greece

When Giannis Voultsis met Panagiotis Papadopoulos, they decided to found MonthlyFlavors. A service that enables the consumer to receive every month a basket full of products from new producers and Greek goodies from every corner of the country. And if you are wondering, how exactly this can be done, Giannis Voultsis solves all our questions.

How did MonthlyFlavors get started?

Like many others I tried to export products but I was faced with known problems. While the products were excellent, consumers were unaware of them. Still, it was very difficult to put them on a good shelf in a supermarket and the process of discovery by the consumer was not an easy task.

Somewhere there we wondered if there was a better way for consumers to discover new products. Our idea was instead of waiting for the consumer to visit a store and be interested in buying a product off the shelf, it would be more effective if the products simply came to the consumer’s home where he could enjoy them from the comfort of his own home.

In fact, this model is very popular in the US, so it is a bet for us to apply it in Europe.

The ease of subscription …

How does it work;

MonthlyFlavors customers register on our site via debit card or Paypal. After registration and every month they receive a box of tasty and healthy products selected by our team. The customer can only enjoy the new products we send him.

How do you choose the products that will fit in each monthly box?

Every month we plow the country discovering new flavors from emerging producers. Our priority is innovative products, which under normal circumstances would be a little difficult to discover by going shopping in a supermarket or a neighborhood market. For example in our first box we have a pomegranate sauce from rodihellas that has driven us crazy.



In each box we try to have a complete taste experience, for example, to have something that we can eat as a snack in the afternoon, something to accompany our meal and something to sweeten the palate. It is also very important that the products match the season in which they will be sent to the customer.
In our plans there will be boxes with geographical designations, for example flavors of Crete or Florina. We want our boxes to be a complete tasty journey.

Our ultimate goal is for some of these products to be sought after by the consumer after the first test through our box and to make new eating habits.

Which products do you think should not be missing from the Greek home?

The richness and quality of Mediterranean products over the years has created a kitchen with a unique taste. Its nature has all this variety of raw materials as well as the human experience to create unique flavors. Flavors that have become a daily necessity. So every month, we invite you through the box of MonthlyFlavors to discover together the next favorite products that we would never want to miss from our home.

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