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A company promises to bring the flavors of Greece to your home every month with a box full of Greek products. A pioneering business of young people from Athens is spreading in Europe.

A MonthlyFlavors subscription box

The thyme with the intense aroma that my mother used in the chicken, the jam from the juicy peaches of the garden and of course the olive oil that enhanced the taste of any simple salad. These are just some of the many tastes and smells that many Greeks abroad recall with nostalgia. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, Greece has been producing some of the most delicious and quality products in the world for many years. Only a few of them end up on the shelves of supermarkets abroad. We see the result every summer at airports: overloaded Greeks, permanent residents abroad with luggage full of food.

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Special flavors

That was just one of the many reasons why Giannis Voultsis considered setting up Monthly Flavors. The concept is simple, but extremely smart: Customers will recieve every month a box that includes five to six Greek products (normal size).

The products have been carefully selected and are foods that are not easy to find. These are special products, often organic, some even awarded, by small production units from all over Greece.

So every month a box comes home as a surprise. Giannis Voultsis, director of the company, explains how Monthly Flavors tries to break a consumer habit: “The consumer usually does not know what to get, so he goes and buys what he always bought. As a result, he rarely tries something new. ” This is exactly what Monthly Flavors is about to change.

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The best Greek food box

Let us send you a perfect combination of premium, full-sized delicacies. Every 2 months directly to your doorstep!