Organic olives Throuba, Cretan spices and croutons, Tomato & Mavrodafni sauce

A culinary journey to Attika, Crete and Thassos

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Throuba is a exquisite variety of black olives, where a specialized and unique way of drying is applied. Black olives in comparison to green ones are richer in tocopherols, which simply means that they are stronger antioxidants. The quantity of salt used to make the throuba olives allows their preservation without making them too salty. Their packaging ensures that they are not compressed and that they keep their moisture along with all their beneficial substances.

2) Olive paste & whole grain rye croutons (CRETE)

These croutons are based on extra virgin olive oil, according to Cretan – Mediterranean dietary standards. They were created by carrying on the tradition of combining wheat and rye grinded in stone mills to maintain their dietary fibres, that serve as a protective shield to the human body. By adding soft olive paste made of original PDO Kalamata olives we created a spicy suggestion for salads and every special dish of the Mediterranean cuisine. Double – Baked, not fried.


No matter how you cook your chicken (roasted, fried or grilled,) it will become much more interesting in taste when you use this mix. This unique combination of spices and herbs give aroma, flavor and vibrancy to your chicken. Enjoy it as a marinade, add some during cooking or for extra flavor, put some more on your served plate.


A wonderful tomato sauce with a Great Taste award. It contains 21% Mavrodafni, a sweet wine from northern Peloponnese. Initially it was inspired for veal and ground meat recipes, but you can use it on other dishes as well. It is also great as a dip or on pizza. Enjoy this amazing sauce that is sure to become your favorite!


Energy boosting, nutrient dense chia seeds for your everyday diet. They are rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. They are beneficial for your heart, your skin, your muscles, your digestive and nervous system. You can use them as a topping, in baking or as a smoothie boost.


Treat yourself to a wonderful, delicious tea blend packed with mouthwatering flavors, antioxidants, tonic and soothing ingredients. Add one or two teaspoons into hot water, steep for a couple of minutes, drain and enjoy!


High in protein and fibre, these delicious crunchy bites will become your favorite snack! They contain peanuts glazed with honey and sesame. All these ingredients are super healthy and nutritious. Peanuts are linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, honey is a treasure for our good health as it is beneficial for almost every aspect of the human body. As for the sesame, it has many minerals and fibres. All in all, this amazing snack is not only great for your health but also incredibly yummy!