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“Mala peruviana” or “bad Peruvian” was a name given to the tomato by Europeans when it was introduced from Latin America, because they saw this new fruit with suspicion. Today it is hard to imagine Greek cuisine without it. The producers of “Mala Peruviana” tomato juice strongly believe in respecting the seasonality of each product of the earth. Therefore, tomatoes are carefully picked from outdoor crops at the right time and they are pasteurized with care so that they remain fresh as if they were picked today. All this in a wonderful and very unique packaging. Enjoy!


A gold reddish honey with smooth sweetness and the feeling of wild island flowers and thyme nectar. It is unfiltered and extracted below 35 degrees without any pasteurization. It is not submitted to any heating which destroys aromas, yeast enzymes and phenol. Packaged and sealed by hand using hologram seal, with no machine involved in the production process. We guarantee the excellence, and the unique flavor of island wildflowers with thyme until the last drop.


It is hard to imagine that a paper envelope can be hiding such tastefulness. When you unwrap it you can feel the smell of mastic tickling your nose. Then it only takes a bite or two, all soft and crunchy at the same time, before you completely surrender to this unique tasting experience. The whole almonds really don’t make it any easier to resist the temptation. However you can feel less guilty if you think about the nutritional value of mastic: among other things, it protects the digestive system, it contributes to good mouth hygiene, it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.


A great sauce that will boost the taste of your plates, pasta or salads. It can also make a great starter if you spread it on toasted bread. You can also try it with chicken or in other vegetarian plates, for example poured over freshly baked potatoes or other vegetables. The aubergines contain fibers, vitamins and minerals. They help the good function of the digestive system and have antioxidant effect. This sauce is made with extra virgin olive oil, which enhances the aromas and tastes of it ingredients.


This organic thyme is naturally cultivated on a sunny hillside which overlooks the Olympus mountain. It is hand picked and naturally dried in a shady and well aired space before being packed with care so that it maintains all its benefits. And indeed thyme has a lot more to offer: antibacterial, fungicidal, it soothes coughing, helps fight the flue and indigestion. Moreover it counteracts acne and other dermatological problems, it enhances the immune and nervous system. And, of course, it makes our food much more tasty!