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Hand made marmalade made with high quality ingredients and in lovely surprising combinations. Who denies that strawberries and chocolate are made for each other? Even more so in this great marmalade which can make the most tasteful breakfasts and yummy desserts. With no conservatives, added flavors or pectin.


Manouri is a Greek semi-soft, fresh white whey cheese made from goat or sheep milk as a by-product following the production of feta. It is produced primarily in Thessaly and Macedonia in central and northern Greece. Manouri is creamier than feta, because of the addition of cream to the whey. It is much less salty than feta. This wonderful appetizer contains large pieces of some of the best manouri from Thessaly, grilled and showered with lemon juice, in extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with oregano and flavored with a slice of lemon. You can serve it on a green salad, a cheese platter or with an assortment of mezzes for tsipouro, ouzo or wine. The very essence of the simplest greek snack is just a piece of fresh bread and this cheese.


The aromatic herbs of this small family company stand out for their quality and their incomparable fragrance, since they are grown and collected from the slopes areas of the mountains of Greece (Othris, Pelion, Kissavos). Each product is collected by hand, treated with completely natural processes and also packed by hand in airtight containers to retain all the precious organoleptic characteristics of the herbs. Oregano in particular not only gives an exquisite taste in food, but it also contains a great number of vitamins and other nutrients which makes it a great ingredient for a good health. When prepared as a hot beverage it is great against coughing.


Add flavor and taste to your salads and dishes with this original pomegranate dressing. The red miracle working fruit with the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects has been combined with great quality olive oil, honey and spices, in order to create a dressing ideal for many truly delightful plates. You can add this to your salads, marinate all kinds of meat, use it in pan frying, on boiled, baked or fried food, and one thing is certain, that you are going to love it!


This fig pie is called “sicomaida” and it is a traditional sweet from the Ionian islands. It is made of dried figs, dried nuts, ouzo or other liqueurs, and spices. It is a very healthy and tasteful snack that you are going to love. You can have it as it is, or cut it in slices and add it to a green salad. It is also great as an appetizer, with goat cheese on crackers.