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  • 1000+ delicious products. Including vegetarian, vegan, and organic products.
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A great snack that is good for your body! These dry apple slices with cinnamon and pure Greek honey are 100% natural, crunchy and wholesome. They have no added sugar, they are low in sodium and good source of fibers. You can add them to your tea or red wine, to a cake or cookie mix, have them with tahini or peanut butter, and of course they go great with your cereal in the morning.


These croutons are based on extra virgin olive oil according to Cretan – Mediterranean dietary standards. They were created by carrying on the tradition of combining wheat and rye grinned in stone mills to maintain their dietary fiber, which serves as a protective shield to the human body. By adding soft olive paste made of original PDO Kalamata olives we created a spicy suggestion for salads and every special dish of the Mediterranean cuisine. Double – Baked, not fried.


A new addition to the wonderful products of Idiston company, this sauce combines cabbage, red peppers, cucumber, onions, mustard seeds, turmeric, white wine vinegar, sugar and salt. It’s an excellent ingredient for a bruschette, perfect in gourmet and low calorie sandwiches, or as a mix into green or tomato salads.


This smoked paprika is made with a traditional Greek variety of red pepper, whose cultivation had stopped at the beginning of 1980s. Now it is revived again, and with the same traditional cultivation methods, we offer you an excellent product that will give special taste and aroma to your legume based dishes, to meat, fish, pasta, rice and sauces. Smoked for 12 days in beech wood in a natural way, without adding chemical substitutes.


Single flower carob honey is somewhat rare and is available through commercial carob tree farming. Harvested in the autumn, carob honey has a dark amber color and it crystallizes easily into a soft coarse texture. This delicious honey has a warm flavor with a medium aromatic intensity. It is infused with chocolate and herbal overtones and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is a unique and delicious honey.