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Garlic and extra virgin olive oil are combined to create a delicious dressing with a strong taste. Ideal for garlic bread, salads, croutons, for marinating meat, for vegetables, potatoes or wherever else you would like to try it.It will surely add a great taste.

“Rakomelo” is a traditional Greek honey liqueur, enjoyed cold or lightly heated before or after a meal. It is made with “Raki” or “Tsikoudia” (a beverage like ouzo but without anise) and honey.Here it is combined with tomato in a wonderful and tasty sauce. It is ideal as a simple dip with bread or rusks, it goes great with beef. You can use it instead of a simple tomato sauce in casseroles for a delicious twist in their usual taste, or simply have it with pasta.

No matter how you cook your fish (roasted, grilled or fried) it will become much more tasteful when you add this delicious fish mix. This unique combination of spices and herbs will add aroma, flavor and vibrancy to your fish. You can enjoy its taste as a marinade, add some during cooking, or just add some after you have cooked your fish for more intense flavor.

Fava is extremely rich in nutrients, necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Fava beans consumption adds minimal calories and is a good source of vitamin B1, iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. About 1/4 cup split peas, gives our body 10 to 19%, of the necessary quantity of the above
recommended nutrients. Served as mashed with a little lemon juice and plenty of olive oil, sometimes with chopped onion and capers or even tomatoes and olives. Try eating fava especially with fish and seafood, or even use it to enrich salads or risotto.

A jam of excellent quality and taste, made of hand-picked figs from Crete. The ideal spread for your breakfast bread, for your snack at work or for your kids at school. You can use this jam as a filling or topping on biscuits, cakes or other homemade sweets. You will love the result!