Eva’s Walk

Eva's Walk

“Eva loves walking in nature…
Select and collect natural flavours and aromas that are mellowing under the Greek sun.
Feel soothed with her warming herbs, drink her coffee, cook with her extra virgin olive oil and spices, taste the natural honey and smell her soaps.

In every step you take with Eva, you will find more than just food, drinks or cosmetics.
Walk the path to re-connect with people and nature.
It’s a travel inspiration, a taste experience that you can share with the ones you love.

Take a walk to selected points of sales and discover the power, the natural flavours and aromas of Greece.
Eva cooperates with some of the best producers from all over Greece, thus we guarantee high quality in all our products.”

Interview with Myron Roditakis from Eva’s Walk

Eva's Walk olive oil


Tell us about your company. Where did the business idea come from?

Eva’s Walk P.C., at its current form was established in early 2015 in Heraklion, Crete with its focus being the production, packaging and distribution of high quality agricultural products. Since then it has indicated a continuous growth and supported the addition of many different products.

Tell us about your ingredients. Where do they come from, and how do you ensure you get the best quality from your suppliers?

All the materials used in our products are from Crete and its mountains and fields, 100% natural and/or organic, certified, coming either from our own fields or from a network of producers guided and encouraged by us. Every material is carefully chosen for being in top condition, baring the use or chemicals and pesticides helping us guarantee our top quality which is eventually, what distinguishes us.

What potential do you think Greek products have in the international market?

Even though the hardships and difficulties due to the Economic Crisis for the export of Greek Products have multiplied there is still great potential due to the superior quality of the raw materials used. We firmly believe that with better promotion and marketing, Greek Products can play an even bigger part in the international market.


What are the main challenges to be faced by a Greek producer today? And on the other, what is it you love about your job?

As stated before the Capital Controls imposed on us due to the economic crisis have severely hindered business growth and trade activities. The competition is always strong but this can also be a good thing due to effectively pushing companies to update their products and designs, to always be on the edge.
What we really like about our job is that constantly keeps us in touch with nature and helps us promote a better and healthier lifestyle to all of our customers.

Why did you want Evaswalk products in the the MontlyFlavors box, and what message would you send to your new consumers both in Greece, and internationally?

We appreciate and empathize with the hard work MonthlyFlavors does and we believe it’s a really effective way to promote our products and the way of life that comprises Eva’s Walk philosophy.

Eva's Walk tea

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