Estia Tabenade is a company comprised of young people whose purpose is to utilize aggro-food wealth of the Greek land (specifically Corinth), producing products of excellent quality. Their goal is their products (Traditional Taste, Spicy Taste and Hot Taste) to win a position in peoples everyday eating habits, to promote the Mediterranean Diet and to contribute to its scientifically proven benefits. We Interviewed Anastasios Koutsogilas, the founder of Estia Tapenade and shared with us his ideas and vision.
Interview with Anastasios Koutsogilas from Estia Tapenade
Tell us about your company. Where did the business idea come from?

I’ve always felt at home in the kitchen and enjoyed cooking. Before Estia, I worked in the tourism industry, but my working circumstances changed, and I was on the lookout for a new career. One night, I had friends over for a dinner party, and made my own olive paste. They all raved about it, and asked if they could take some home with them. One friend said that I should ‘turn professional’ and sell it. I thought she was just being polite, but after a few days, when I was still getting requests for olive paste, I started to take things more seriously – the rest is history!

Tell us about your ingredients. Where do they come from, and how do you ensure you get the best quality from your suppliers?

The olives we use are exclusively of the “Manaki” variety. We have our own olive grove, and combine our harvest with that of other carefully chosen olive farmers here in Corinthia. That’s how we keep our products local.

What potential do you think Greek products have in the international market?

Countless research shows the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Additionally, the hot climate and rich soil of Greece work together to yield food of the highest quality, and with exceptional nutritional value. The financial situation of the last few years has inspired Greek producers to become more inventive than ever with their ideas and their products, so I think we have a lot to offer!


What makes Estia Tapenade  so special, and which of your products is your favorite?

Currently, Estia makes three flavors of olive paste: traditional, hot, and extra hot. Our olives are matured using a traditional family method, giving our products their characteristic rich taste. Our pastes have no added salt or preservatives, and only the finest herbs and spices are used to achieve the final unique flavor. As for my favorite product – I could never choose one – it would be like having a favorite child!

Why did you want Estia Greek food products in the the MontlyFlavors subscription box, and what message would you send to your new consumers both in Greece, and internationally?

Monthly Flavors is one of the best ambassadors of Greek produce and delivers the finest Mediterran delicacies to homes across Europe. Estia’s vision is for our products to become a staple addition to any family dinner table, and for foreign consumers to experience and enjoy the traditional produce of our country.

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