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Olives have antioxidant effects and protect us from various illnesses such as heart diseases and cancer. They are a real medicine at our disposal, and we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy them in countless different ways. These olives come from a traditional Greek variety which has a firm and crunchy flesh. They are organic, harvested by hand and carefully prepared with minimum processing. They are marinated in olive oil, lemon and oregano for an even richer and more delightful taste.


Manouri is a semi-soft, fresh white whey cheese made in central and northern Greece. It is similar to feta cheese, only less salty and with less intense flavour. It is used often in salads, pastries and as a dessert. It is creamy and mild, with a lemony aftertaste. Here it is paired with quince to create a special cheese course. You can either have it as a starter, as a dessert to accompany your wine, or even as a side dish with chicken, beef or pork.


Made with “vasilika figs” (imperial figs) from the area of Vravrona and Markopoulos in Attica, where they have grown from ancient times. They have a unique burgundy color once split open and are succulent and mouthwatering. No wonder they make such a tasty marmalade! Made of fresh fruit of the best quality at the right stage of maturity and boiled in small quantities and for limited amount of time. You can try them with your rocket and radicchio salad, with roasted cheeses, with deli meat of your choice. Or you can even pour some over your roasted lamb, five minutes before it is done.


An original organic pasta for those who love to discover new flavours. Though cumin is well known and widely used, sumac is less popular. However it is among the most widely used spices in countries of the Middle East. It has a rich aroma and a slightly sour, lemony taste.  Only high quality spices and semolina are being used in order to achieve the best balance of 
flavours in this pasta. In order to bring out their best aroma, we suggest you combine them with mild sauces, a little cheese or even straight.


Two of the most distinctive traditional Greek products, perfectly combined in a wonderful appetizer. Spinach has a very high nutritional value and together with feta cheese, the famous white cheese made of sheep and goat milk, (which is a product of Protected Designation of Origin) they form the basis of the Mediterranean Diet. They are mixed harmoniously under modern production methods in this wonderful sauce with fantastic, rich flavour and intense aroma. Enjoy it with pasta, on bread or crackers, with mashed potatoes, as a pizza base, ravioli filling etc.