Thyme – Thetida



Is a product of Organic Farming and it’s hand picked from Thetidio – Farsala

Divine flavor of Thetis and Achilles‘ land

Net weight: 20g

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The mountains of Greece smell of the rich scent of herbs. A good that needs to be protected and shared with you. That is why Thetida’s family, with respect for the land and man, have turned to organic herb farming, fulfilling at the same time a childhood dream.
She is a family-run farm business in the village of, Thetidio, Farsala, land of the goddess Thetis and Achilles. It is a hilly village whose inhabitants are dedicated to agriculture and livestock breeding.

Certified organic thyme (Thymus vulgaris), in bunch 20gr.

External uses:
a) valuable for physical and mental deprivation, anxiety, neurasthenia, depression, and migraine,
b) helps digest fatty foods,
c) increase mental clarity and stimulate the nerves,
d) strengthens the heart,
e) spasmolytic valuable for cough and asthma,
f) stimulates the immune system,
g) antiseptic and bactericidal in skin diseases and whiteheads, heals wounds, pimples and burns,
h) it stops hair loss,
i) fights arthritis pain in arthritis and rheumatism and
j) cleans your mouth and teeth better than any commercial toothpaste.

Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 20 g

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