Organic Olives „Throuba“ PDO From Thassos


Bio Olives Athina – Tsaritsopoulos Nikolaos is a family business. The production center is in Kallirachi, the beautiful and picturesque village of Thassos.
The birthplace and place of residence of the Tsaritsopoulos family.

These small black olives called „Throuba“ have always been grown on Thassos Island and harvested ripe on the tree in winter (December-January).
Giving them this characteristic wrinkled appearance. They are then mixed with sea salt, according to the ancestral way, to reduce the bitterness of the olive.


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Organic Olives „Throuba“

Throuba olive from Thassos has a slightly bitter taste with a very tender flesh characteristic of ripe olives.

To enjoy nature as a snack or in your salads and typical Greek dishes!

Net weight: 250g

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Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 250 g

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