Iamvi Bergamot Spoon Sweet, 460g


Bergamot is one of the most traditional sweet spoons, for many, it is the most aromatic and finest with a clear color. Sweet spoons are the typical example of Greek hospitality from past· an art that each housewife ought to know. Bergamot is completely interwoven with it.Its fragrance is distinct and intense citrus. Its manufacturing process resembles that of the bitter orange peels, as it also has this characteristic shape of a roll.

Although raw bergamot is difficult to eat, as a sweet spoon is wonderful, perhaps with the longest aftertaste and its aroma lasts a long time.

Yogurt perfectly matches the texture and syrup of bergamot and is also combined with ice creams, cakes, creams, sweet pieces of bread or afternoon black hot tea. The well-known fragrant Earl Grey tea is special because it is flavored with bergamot.

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