Gold Cuvee Red (750mL) – Michalakis Estate


The history of the Michalakis family is as explicit as a bottle of wine. As soon as you read the label you gather all the essential information required to carelessly enjoy. Since 1962, our insistency and desire for quality and variation improvement of our wines, as well as the experience we acquired through the passing of time, contributed in the creation of a great family of preferred wines.



Vineyard: Mountain vineyards of the Estate at an altitude of 600 meters.
Vinification: Careful selection of low-yielding grape vines. Classical red vinification with frequent low volume pumping over and fermentation temperature at 18 °C. Malolactic fermentation and maturation in oak barrels for 12 months.
Organoleptic Characteristics: Deep red color. Aromas of sour cherry, blackcurrant and wild cherry that follow in the mouth. Velvet sense of oiliness with complexity, impressive and long aftertaste.
Harmony of Flavors: Tender lamb, ribs, red meats with spicy sauces.
Served at: 16-18°C.

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Zusätzliche Informationen

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